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Trading Services

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Logistic Services

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Travel Service

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Chariot Air, is a travel and tourism Company, which provides tickets and tourism tours from Iraq to all around the world. Our main office is based in Erbil the capital city of Kurdistan region of Iraq. Currently our company deals with the following international airlines: Austrian airline, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet, Emirates Airways, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai as well as so many other airlines from all around the world that we can deal with them and providing our customers with the air connection service.


Quit simply: the complete satisfaction of every traveler that calls on Chariot Air. We recognize that good service in more than competitive pricing; it’s a near-obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good experience into an exceptional one. We don’t want to sell you a travel package; we want to understand your needs, so we can custom design travel solution that meets your specific requirements. We look at your opportunities and challenges and design a solution customized to fit you.

An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction that leads to a mutually beneficial and lifelong relationship. We place a premium on communication so our representatives can fully understand the client’s needs. This understanding allows us to serve our clients by becoming partners in achieving their individual and business goals. Getting clients to their destination and back is only half the job; we seek to provide demonstrable value for customer satisfaction.

Traveler Benefits

Chariot Air is more than a travel agency. We are business partner, a friend, and a community resource. Our success comes from the success of our customers, their business, and their local economy. Integrating ourselves into these key areas, we help ourselves by helping others first. We can save businesses time and money through our worldwide affiliations and partnerships by offering a wide range of services for the corporate traveler. Our corporate account managers can implement and monitor your travel policies, as well as keep your business informed on travel industry issues through regular communication and meetings. For the individual traveler, we take the stress out of planning a vacation, so you can start relaxing before you depart. Whether you travel locally or internationally, we provide information on your destination, so you know what to expect and where to find the services you need.

Chariot Air products and services enclose:
Local and worldwide holiday packages
Issuance of airline tickets
Hotel booking and apartment rental
Local and worldwide car rental services
Local and worldwide transfers to/from airport
Regional tours and transfers in Lebanon, Syria, turkey …etc.
Travel insurance
A wide choice of cruises: international itineraries
Handling group and VIP’s travels
Corporate travel services